"Pinoy Boyband Superstar" Middle Rounds | Top 12 Hopefuls

On the last episode of the "Pinoy Boyband Superstar," top 12 hopefuls was named who were chosen by viewers and judges. They will go to the next round of the competition.

The girls' votes  went to Group 1's Joao Constancia (42.97%), and Group 2's Allen Cecilio (25.61%) and Niel Murillo (23.14%). Judges picked Tony Labrusca, Miko Juarez, Russel Reyes, Henz Villaraiz and Mark Oblea. The last 4 names were announced include  MarkusPaterson, Tristan Ramirez, James Ryan Cesena and Ford Valencia.

"Pinoy Boyband Superstar" Top 12:

Joao Constancia
Allen Cecilio
Niel Murillo
Tony Labrusca
Miko Juarez
Russel Reyes
Henz Villaraiz
Mark Oblea
Markus Paterson
Tristan Ramirez
James Ryan Cesena
Ford Valencia

On  the next episode, they will perform live and showcase the their talent. You can vote again your favorite to be included on the "Pinoy Boyband Superstar"

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