Irate customer in Starbucks

There's a video of an irate customer complaining about his drink and not giving him a seat immediately. The video was captured inside Starbucks which is now viral on different social networking sites.

The guy on the video was very angry and kept complaining about his drink  that was almost spilled to him. He repeatedly said “What if I’m a mystery guest?” He also said “Don’t play words, don’t play games to me. I was not born yesterday.” The barista apologized to him and she said “Okay Sir, I’m really sorry for what happened.

The video was posted online by Facebook user “Rye Sy” whom initially wrote that the video is not taken by him. The viral video already gained more than 20,000 likes/reactions and was shared by over 26,00 times. According to the comments below the video,  the irate customer's name is “Louie Mel Darilag”. His Facebook account now is now deactivated.

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