Photos of Wild Party now circulate on Social Media

There are photos of wild party-goers now circulating in social networking site Facebook.  

photo credit to the owner

These wild photos are circulated over the weekend and became now viral. The venue of the party was not disclosed.

Some teens and young adults on the said photos are dancing wild and crazy and some are kissing to each other. Netizens immediately reacted on these photos. Some of them were saying those girls on the photos are desperate to hook a guy. Others said these photos are really insane!

This is really alarming. Put the alcohol in your stomach not in your head. Get an extra careful every time you party at night. For girls, please respect yourself. Don't create an actions that will put you on trouble. For all the guys who party at night, please respect also the girls. Don't take an advantage if they became tipsy or drunk. For all parents, you need to watch your teens. 

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