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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

McCafe coffee at Work

For a sleeping soul, the best remedy to feel not sleepy is a cup of brewed coffee. It has caffeine content that has stimulating effect into human's body and can make your body alive.

For those who are working at night, I'm sure they have always coffee in front of their desk. It's on the mid setting of everyone that drinkng coffee will keep keep you awake.And for me, it's really working. I work at night and I make sure I drink brewed offee before the start of the work.

In our new office, I don't find any near Starbuck or coffee house.Good thing, there's a  Mcdonald near the in our building. It sells McCafe coffee.

You can buy the coffee as is or convert the drinks of the meal to coffee. It comes along with free sugar and creamer.

By the way, McCafe is coffee-house style drink and food chain. freshly made coffee or cool smoothies, rich shakes or a tasty Frappé as well strong espresso.

So far, I'm really enjoying the McCafe coffee.  I like the taste and it's very affordable.

Share your comment and feedback if you're drinking McCafe.


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