Get a smooth shave with the new Gillette MACH3

Gillette posted a photo of its newest product that shaves closer than a disposable razor even after 10 shaves, the Gillette MACH3.

Currently, I’m using disposable double edge razor blades.It’s only less than P100 ($3) that’s I why bought it. Yeah! It’s very affordable, unfortunately, the quality is not that good. Everytime I shave my face, I still saw small hairs on it. It doesn’t totally clean my skin.

When I saw the advertisement about the Gillette MACH3, I’m planning to buy one of it. The new product of Gillettte is a three blade design which allow for a shave with less pressure to the skin and with fewer strokes. It also reduces skin irritation. According to ads, all Mach3 series razor blades are interchangeable between the three.

What can you say about the Gillette MACH3? Have you tried it yet? Is it the price is worth it? Comment your review below.

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