Hongkong textbook describes Filipinos as domestic helpers

While reading news online, I saw an article about stereotyping Filipinos as domesic helper in a primary school textbook in Hong Kong.

The term "domestic helper" is used as a description for Pinoys. The page entitled racial harmony that stereotypes different nationalities. It states that the correct answer for “I am a domestic helper in Hong Kong” is Filipino. Check the photo form hongwrong.com below:

"I am British. I am an English teacher."

"I am Filipino. I am a domestic helper in Hong Kong."

"I am Japanese. I have a sushi restaurant in Hong Kong."

"I am Chinese. Shanghai is my hometown."

"I am Indian. I study in an international school."

This is such a crazy kind of teaching. It is purely racism. Filipinos are not all DH. We are not just in Hongkong, we are all over the world. We are talented and smart. Some of us are teachers, some own restaurants. We also study international schools. 

I understand being a DH is not to be shamed of. This is a descent job to be proud of. But, there are other ways to describe Pinoys, and this is not the right way to teach young kids. 

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