Hideo Muraoka is a "Beautiful Man" on Mega Man May 2014

Hideo Muraoka is topless on the cover of Mega Man May 2014.

The Brazilian-Japanese hunk model shows his gorgeous body for the cover photo of the magazines. He showcases his firm chest, hard biceps, and 6 pack abs as well his tattoo. He was photographed by JC Cerilla.

This man really adds heat to the summer! He’s really hot and sexy. 

The May 2014 issue of Metro features Up Guide To Throwing a Party, How To Wear How To Wear Masculine Bracelets, Menswear & Edgy Streetwear and many MORE!

The Mega Man issue comes with Mega magazine with Andi Eigenmamn on the cover.

Mega and Mega Man is a fashion and lifestyle magazine which available in all leading bookstores and newsstands nationwide.

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