Martin Del Rosario Attends Songkran Festival

Martin Del Rosario is spotted in Songkran Festival in Thailand, which leads to speculation he’s a gay.

photo credits @martinmiguelmdelrosario on Instagram

The 21-year old actor posted photos on his social networking sites about his his recent Songkran adventure. He’s topless and wet together with his friends and other people who celebrated the big event.

Some think his attendance in the this gay festival is a sort of a confirmation of his sexual orientation and preference.

Actually, Songkran is festival which commemorates Thailand's New Year celebration, but  according to some, this festival is considered as the world's "annual gay pilgrimage,“ which also one of the biggest gay festivals in the world.

Aside from Del Rosario, Cosmo hunk turned gay superstar Sebastian Castro has also sharing his photos about his Songkran experience. He’s really hot and wild, posting his shirtless photos.

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