Anne Curtis Tweets Statement After Jellyfish Sting Incident

Dyesebel star Anne Curtis tweeted her statement on Friday, April 4, 2014 regarding the jellyfish sting incident,  which happened during the taping of her fantaserye show.

Anne stated on her tweet that she’s lucky to survive the tragic incident. The actress thought she’s going to die on that time.

Here’s Anne Curtis' statement via Twitter:

“Good Morning everyone!!!! Feeling a bit better today! Praise God! After reading some of the other articles you guys found & tweeted me, I really feel I’ve been given a 2nd chance at life,” Anne Curtis said.

“The doctors told me I’m very lucky. The last case they had come in with the same case, a box jellyfish sting, the girl was out straight into the ICU. It’s quite a scary thought. When we were on our way to the local and closest hospital near our set, I noticed that I couldn’t feel my legs & slowly couldn’t breathe properly. I thought I was going to die,” she added.

The actress- host thanked God for surviving the incident. She also thanked her fans and  supporters and her Showtime family who have expressed their messages of concern.

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