Pugo is the Flappy Bird Pinoy Version

The famous game application Flappy Bird has now Filipino version called Pugo.

The Pugo app is just similar to the Flappy Bird. The game mechanics is almost the same wherein you need to pass the obstacles along the way. The only difference is the appearance of the flying bird. In Pugo, you will see a pink quail bounces up and down on the screen.

Other interesting part of the game, you will have the chance to gain extra lives by picking the Philippine flags.

The Filipino-made app was created by Patrick and Camy Cabral, who also love playing online game applications.

According to the news,   Patrick and Camy admitted that it took them for more than two months to finish the Pugo application.

Currently, Pugo continues to dominate as the number one application in iOS Top Chart for free apps.  

You can download Pugo through app store and soon to be available on android.

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